SAN FRANCISCO — The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has published an open letter requesting North Korea aim any ballistic missiles at Los Angeles and not San Francisco.  A 2017 North Korean propaganda video showed missiles being launched, hitting San Francisco and engulfing the city by the bay in flames.

It is believed North Korea’s Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile can travel up to 8100 miles.  The distance from Pyongyang, North Korea to San Francisco is approximately 5600 miles and to Los Angeles is approximately 6000 miles.

In its open letter, the Board of Supervisors wrote:  “There is no city in America more aligned with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea than the Democratic People’s Republic of San Francisco.  Like you, we cherish true socialism and one-party rule.  Like you, we believe government always knows best.  Like you, we hate Donald Trump.”

The San Francisco Board also wrote:  “If the DPRK wants to destroy a major California city, we recommend Los Angeles, which is a key cog in the American military-industrial complex.  L.A. is nothing but an urban sprawl devoid of art, culture and any decent coffee houses.  Angelinos are vapid, celebrity-obsessed water thieves and their elimination would not really be missed.  And remember, it was L.A. that created that awful movie The Interview which depicted your magnificent leader being assassinated.”

“L.A. sucks,” said California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newson (D-San Francisco) who is also a former mayor of San Francisco.  “If I have to sacrifice a major California city when I become Governor, I will choose L.A.”

In 1994 under President Clinton, the United States agreed to help supply two nuclear reactors to North Korea in exchange for North Korea agreeing to not build nuclear weapons.   In 2006, North Korea announced it had successfully conducted its first nuclear weapon test.  Under President Obama, North Korea enhanced its nuclear weapons range which now may be able to destroy parts of the U.S.  Obamacare was even worse because it destroyed the entire U.S.

North Korea intercontinental ballistic missiles can reach the mainland U.S.
San Francisco has asked North Korea to aim its missiles at Los Angeles instead
President Obama played 333 rounds of golf in office while North Korea expanded its nuclear weapons capability

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