SACRAMENTO — California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (D-San Francisco) has announced he is the “Supreme Leader of The Resistance.”  The “Resistance” is a hip term used by progressive politicians, celebrities, journalists and activists opposed to President Donald Trump.

The term is borrowed from WW II resistance movements such as the French Resistance that fought against Nazi German occupation and the collaborationist Vichy regime.  Unlike that movement which operated in secrecy and fought for a just cause, the modern-day Resistance focuses on garnering publicity for its politically ambitious members.

Newsom declared in a statement:  “I humbly accept my nomination to be the Supreme Leader of The Resistance.  This movement needs a leader as worthy and noble as the cause it represents.  I am The Resistance and The Resistance is me.”

He added:  “No one is more opposed to President Trump’s hateful agenda than me.  No one is more qualified to take on President Trump than me.  No one has better hair than me.”

Newsom also asserted:  “I and I alone determine the agenda of The Resistance.  I and I alone can speak on behalf of The Resistance.  I and I alone determine who can belong to The Resistance.  I and I alone can use the acronym SLOTR.”

When receiving a phone call from the President of the United States, the caller ID displays “POTUS.”   Newsom has asked phone companies to change his caller ID profile from “LTGOV” to “SLOTR.”

Newsom is a former mayor of San Francisco and is running for Governor of California.  He has sought publicity to highlight his opposition to President Trump, including his opinion that California can slow down the building of any border wall along Mexico through environmental lawsuits.

Newsom has also participated in protests against President Trump’s immigration policies.  Newsom’s most noteworthy accomplishment is the amount of gel he puts in his hair.

California politician Gavin Newsom has declared himself “Supreme Leader of The Resistance”
Members of the WW II Resistance operated in secrecy and fought for a worthy cause
Kim Jong-Un of North Korea also insists on being addressed as “Supreme Leader”

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