HOLLYWOOD — The California Secretary of State has issued a new rule allowing film and television actors, directors, producers and writers to vote multiple times in any Federal, state, county or municipal election held in the state.

The so-called “Hollywood elite” voters are defined as members of the following six entertainment industry groups:  Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Directors Guild of America (DGA), Producers Guild of America (PGA), Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Writers Guild of America (WGA).

Entertainment industry personnel who work in blue-collar or “below the line” roles such as make-up artists, production assistants and carpenters are not eligible.  Stage and theater actors are also excluded.

The privileged individuals will have 5 votes for each entertainment industry group of which they are active members.  Individuals who have been nominated for an Academy, Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy, DGA, PGA, SAG or WGA award will receive an additional 10 votes per each nomination.  Individuals who have won any of those awards will receive an additional 20 votes per each award bestowed.

“Being a prominent actor or director or producer or writer automatically makes one well qualified to rule the masses,” said prominent actor, director, producer and writer George Clooney.

Mr. Clooney will receive a total of 680 votes as he is a member of all six designated entertainment industry groups (30 votes), has been nominated for 39 major awards (7 Academy Awards, 12 Golden Globes, 3 Primetime Emmys, 1 DGA, 2 PGA, 13 SAG and 1 WGA award, for additional 390 votes) and has won 13 major awards (2 Academy Awards, 4 Golden Globes, 1 Primetime Emmy, 1 PGA, 4 SAG and 1 WGA award, for additional 260 votes).

“I always follow the advice of celebrities,” said California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (D-San Francisco).  “We should all listen more to what Hollywood is telling us to do.”

The rule contains a “Sean Penn clause” that declares entertainment industry personnel with extra voting privileges cannot be subject to any intelligence tests.  Mr. Penn will receive 305 votes.   Matt Damon, who also benefits from this provision, will receive 335 votes.  Meryl Streep will receive 1085 votes and her “God” Harvey Weinstein will receive 290 votes.  Ben Affleck will receive 400 votes, Brad Pitt will receive 390 votes and Jennifer Lawrence will receive 260 votes.

“The Hollywood elite care more.  They are smarter too.  This change will help the California electorate make even better voting decisions,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D-Los Angeles).

America has a long history of voting inequity.  Only white male property owners were allowed to vote in most states in early U.S. history.  People of color were denied voting rights until the 15th amendment in 1870 and many only had partial voting rights until the Civil Rights Act in 1964.  Women were generally denied the right to vote until the 19th amendment in 1920.

In present times, there are still exceptions to direct democracy and “one person, one vote.” The Electoral College consists of 538 electors who select the President and Vice President of the United States, regardless of the outcome of the popular vote.  The Democratic Party allows hundreds of unbound “superdelegates” to vote on the party’s Presidential nominee and those establishment meanies stole the rightful nomination from democratic socialist Bernie Sanders in 2016.

California’s new voting rule boosts the influence of Hollywood elites over how their audiences are ruled
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Matt Damon played a genius in Good Will Hunting so he must be smart

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